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At LUXURY SMILES STUDIO, our doctors dedicate beyond excellent oral health, to the concept of beauty and aesthetics with the cosmetic care services to capture and enhance the beauty of every patient who walks through our doors.


Transform your smile.  Porcelain veneers can drastically change not only the color and shape but also the perceived position of teeth. Porcelain veneers are the ideal treatment solution for patients from the HUNTINGTON BEACH, CHINO HILLS  and surrounding areas who want to achieve a permanently whiter and perfectly aligned smile without any pain. These wafer-thin restorations are designed to fit over the front surface of your existing teeth, hiding years of stains, gaps, minor damage, and much more all at once behind a brand-new appearance that shines. Because of their quality porcelain structure, veneers won’t discolor as quickly as natural tooth enamel does over time, and with the right amount of maintenance and at-home oral hygiene, they can easily last for 15 years or longer.


Shine  on.  Give your smile that extra-white shimmer by lifting stain and color from the teeth in an easy, non-invasive express treatment.  LUXURY DENTAL STUDIO  offers in-office whitening in just one hour, giving your smile an amazing and effortless healthy-looking and radiant glow. Alternatively, custom take-home kits  are available as well and can be used on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. Within a few weeks of diligent use, patients should see beautiful changes that are comparable to what can be achieved during an in-office whitening session.


When having dental damage corrected with custom restorations, patients shouldn’t be required to choose between their oral health and the preservation of their beautifully white smile. Instead of settling for noticeable metal materials, you can now have the best of both worlds with metal-free restorations from LUXURY DENTAL  STUDIO! These crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and other prosthetics are custom-designed to complement your look while also providing the function and durability you need.

In addition to their aesthetic appearance, metal-free restorations are more conservative than their traditional counterparts, allowing for more of the remaining tooth’s healthy structure to stay intact. They’re also biocompatible, which means that patients with sensitivities/allergies to common dental materials won’t have to worry about discomfort.


Direct bonding is often a great cosmetic treatment for patients in need of minimal, cost-effective corrections. Our doctors here at LUXURY DENTAL STUDIO  may recommend it in the following situations:

  • When a decayed tooth needs minor repair.

  • When a tooth has a small chip or crack.

  • When a tooth is discolored and can’t be successfully treated with teeth whitening.

  • When there’s a minor gap between teeth.

  • When the shape of a tooth needs to be altered.

This procedure is quick and virtually painless – most patients don’t require any additional amenities to remain comfortable. Our doctors will ensure that the composite resin matches your natural enamel as closely as possible before it’s precisely applied and sculpted into the ideal shape that complements your natural smile. Once we’re satisfied with the results, the final step will be to harden the material into place with a special light and make any last-minute adjustments, including polishing. We want you to be thrilled with the results!


Many patients suffer from smiles that look overly “gummy” – the excess soft tissue causes their teeth to appear too short, stunting the beautiful power of their smile. To correct this, our doctors can perform a crown lengthening procedure, reshaping the gum line in order to reveal more of the healthy tooth structure and correct any asymmetry for a much more pleasing appearance overall. Crown lengthening may also be recommended when restorative care is needed and the excess gum tissue makes treatment difficult.



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